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The Dental House provides individual and full-mouth dental implants for patients needing to replace missing teeth, improve their oral health, and achieve their perfect smile.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth – commonly made from titanium or zirconium oxide – surgically attached to the jawbone in place of a patient’s natural teeth. The procedure restores the ability to chew, maintains proper alignment, and improves quality of life.

Why Invest in Dental Implants?

Prevent Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, your jaw naturally adjusts to the gap – which typically equates to bone loss. Dental implants stimulate bone growth and help you maintain your facial structure.

Get a Natural Look and Feel

Dental implants are specially designed to look like flawless versions of your natural teeth – providing you with complete function and an excellent appearance.

Support the Rest of Your Teeth

The gap from a missing tooth causes the surrounding teeth to shift – creating misalignment. Dental implants are used to fill the gap and keep the rest of your teeth aligned.

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Step one in the dental implant procedure is a comprehensive analysis. Dr. Vu will examine your mouth, take X-rays, and look over your dental history to determine if implants are the right solution.


Create a Treatment Plan

After the evaluation, we’ll create a personalized plan to address your needs and make sure the dental implant procedure will accomplish your goals – and avoid potential obstacles.


Tooth Extraction and Bone Grafting (If Necessary)

If the tooth – or a portion of the tooth – is still present, we will need to extract it. We may also recommend bone grafting if we believe your jaw is not strong enough to support the dental implant.


Place the Implant

Once everything is ready, we will place the implant into the socket of the missing tooth – which will fuse with the bone over time in a process called “osseointegration”.



The osseointegration process – the implant fusing with the bone – typically takes several months to form a foundation for the new tooth.


Abutment Placement

Once the implant has fused with the jawbone, we will place a small connector post called an “abutment” – which will hold the new tooth.


Impressions and Crown Creation

As the gum tissue around the abutment heals, we will take an impression of your mouth and the remaining teeth to fabricate the dental crown.


Place the Crown

The dental crown – your new artificial tooth – will then be attached to the abutment.



We’ll schedule one or more follow-up appointments to make sure your mouth is properly adjusting to the dental implant and everything around it is healthy.

Our Values at The Dental House

Long-Lasting Care

The purpose of a dental implant procedure is to create a solution that lasts a lifetime. All of the work we do at The Dental House is carefully planned, managed, and maintained for the long haul – so you’re not dealing with recurring problems.


Your comfort is our top priority in the dental implant process. We take every precaution and provide local anesthesia to make sure you experience minimal pain.


Dr. Vu takes the time to explain the dental implant procedure in detail – and why it’s important – before we begin. We want you to be 110% confident in the care we provide.

Patient-Friendly Payment Options

Dental implants are not cheap. We offer flexible pricing and will do everything possible with your insurance to make sure you have access to the dental care you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How painful is getting a dental implant?

We use a generous amount of local anesthesia to effectively numb the area during the dental implant procedure. Post-procedure discomfort can vary by individual but is typically manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers.

How long does a dental implant last?

Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime – if properly cared for. The longevity depends on strong oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

What does a dental implant look like?

A dental implant is made up of three parts: 1) the implant itself, which is a titanium screw that serves as a root for the tooth, placed directly into the jawbone; 2) the abutment, which is attached to the implant above the gum line; 3) the crown, the visible part designed to look like a natural tooth.

How much are dental implants?

The cost of dental implants can vary based on the procedures needed – including bone grafts or extraction – as well as insurance policies. Generally, the price for a single dental implant can range from $3,000 to $5,000, which includes the surgery for placement, all components, and the final crown.

Before we begin the procedure, we’ll explain all the costs in detail and how your insurance will help you cover them.

How to clean dental implants?

Maintaining dental implants requires a good oral hygiene routine – similar to caring for natural teeth. It’s important to brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste, floss daily with specialized floss for implants, and use an interdental brush to clean around the abutment.

How long will it take to implant a tooth?

The total time to complete a dental implant can vary anywhere from three to nine months , depending on your healing rate and whether or not additional procedures are needed.

The implant placement appointment itself is relatively quick, but the majority of the time is spent waiting for the jawbone to heal and integrate with the implant.

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