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The Dental House provides long-lasting teeth whitening services to people in La Mesa and the San Diego Area.

Why Invest in Teeth Whitening?

Remove Stains

Coffee, tea, fruit juices, and sauces are the most common culprits behind discolored teeth. Professional teeth whitening services combat these stains.

Make Great First Impressions

People are drawn to your teeth when you smile at them. Whitening helps you look your best and make a positive impact.

Counter the Effects of Aging

Teeth will naturally darken as you age. Teeth whitening services can eliminate these color changes and keep you looking young.

Correct Uneven Coloring

Uneven coloring on your teeth can be due to many different factors. Whitening evens out the coloration to give your mouth a clean, uniform look.

Our Teeth Whitening Process at The Dental House

Pre-Treatment Assessment

Dr. Vu will examine your dental health – check for gum disease, decay, and deep staining – to determine if teeth whitening treatment is right for you.


Assuming your dental health is suitable for whitening, we will perform a professional cleaning to remove all plaque and debris.


Preparing to get teeth whitened involves using a rubber shield or gel to protect your gums from the bleaching agent as it is applied to your teeth.

Apply Whitening Agent

We will apply a high-concentration peroxide gel to your teeth. This gel is significantly stronger and more effective than DIY teeth whiteners.

Activate the Whitening Agent

The bleaching agent is activated with a special light to help speed up the whitening process.


Once the bleaching agent has had time to set properly – usually 30-60 minutes – we will rinse the gel off your teeth.

Final Checks

Dr. Vu will perform an analysis to make sure the process was successful – and determine if you need further teeth whitening treatment to achieve your desired shade.

The Dental House Values

Quality-First Care

We’ve earned a reputation for never cutting corners on quality. When you turn to The Dental House for teeth whitening services, you can trust we’ll get the job done right the first time.

Educational Service

We believe patients should understand every detail of the dental treatments they receive. That’s why we take the time to explain every step of the teeth whitening process to make sure there are zero mysteries.

Long-Term Solutions

As much as we love seeing our patients, our goal is to provide the highest-quality of work to minimize your visits.

Flexible Pricing

We understand the importance of teeth whitening – and that insurance may not cover the costs. We’ll work with you to find an accommodating payment plan that suits everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dental insurance cover teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is generally considered a cosmetic treatment – and dental insurance does not usually cover it. The Dental House offers flexible pricing options to help you afford teeth whitening services. Just speak with the front desk and we’ll find a solution.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Everyone’s teeth are different and the duration of teeth whitening results can vary greatly. Usually, teeth whitening lasts from six months up to two years, depending on factors such as dietary habits, oral hygiene, and tobacco use. Regular consumption of staining foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine can shorten this duration. Consistent brushing and occasional touch-up treatments can extend it.

Are DIY teeth whitening kits worth it?

DIY teeth whitening kits can be worth it if you need a less expensive solution to brighten your teeth. However, these treatments generally provide less dramatic results compared to professional treatments. Professional teeth whitening services use high-level bleaching agents that are more effective and last longer.

Can yellow teeth become white again?

You bet! Yellow teeth can become white again with dental whitening services. However, the effectiveness depends on the degree of staining and the cause. External stains from foods or smoking can be easily fixed with teeth whitening, whereas deeper stains may require more intensive treatments.

How long does teeth whitening take?

In-office teeth whitening usually takes about an hour, while over-the-counter options may require consistent use for several weeks to months.

How often can you do teeth whitening?

This depends on the method of whitening and your dental health. For professional whitening, it’s generally safe to do a session once a year.

What is the most effective way to whiten teeth?

The best way to whiten teeth is through professional treatments at a dental office. These treatments use higher concentrations of bleaching agents and a light/laser to enhance the action of the whitening agent, providing more significant results in a shorter time – compared to at-home kits.

Who should not whiten teeth?

Individuals with dental restorations like crowns, veneers, or fillings should avoid whitening. This is because these materials do not bleach and can lead to uneven coloring. Also, people with sensitive teeth, gum disease, or damaged enamel will likely require significant dental treatments before attempting any whitening procedures. We also advise that pregnant or nursing women postpone chemical-based whitening treatments.

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